This is a notice we hoped we would never make. With a great amount of reluctance but a hefty dose of reality, The Phyllis A. Marine Association has decided that it is no longer feasible to continue to restore the vessel. We have been at this for 17 years through the help and assistance of a great many people. We thank you all tremendously, but we have never been able to put together the huge finances that we need to do this job right and we are all 17 years older.

The organization will continue with hopes to increase our historical records and continue part of our mission statement. The hard part now is to raise the funds to remove the vessel. That will be difficult.

Go Fund Me Button IS FIXED

To all of you venturing here after reading the article in the Gloucester Daily Times article, our GoFundMe Button is now working.
If you have trouble with it, feel free to try going through the Gift “Ship” button. Or, just contact us and we will get it all worked out.
Thanks you.
And, thank you Sean Hogan for another great article!

It’s time again to bring your scrap steel to 107 Eastern Avenue, Gloucester (behind Foster’s of Gloucester). Proceeds of the drive benefit the restoration of Gloucester’s oldest fishing vessel, the Phyllis A. Big thank you to Foster’s of Gloucester and North Shore Scrap Steel for helping to make this drive possible!!

Scrap Steel Drive

We had an amazing Maritime Saturday yesterday, September 1st! So many people came to talk about the Michigan Bears and give us information about their families! We had Places, Arnolds, Dalhmers, Jones, and so many more from other families to tell us stories and add to the information we have already collected! Keep an eye out for an event early this coming winter where we will invite all the families to come and tell us thier stories while we have 1623 Studios help to record them. It will be fun! Thanks to everyone!!!